OTMN-III High Performance 4-Port Outdoor Optical Node

The Model OTMN-III MetroNode is Olson’s 1 GHz flagship outdoor node featuring high performance, low-profile and cost-effective installation. It is available in a popular 4-port two-way configuration, each port having a +48 dBmV output. Additional options include redundant or split-band forward/return path operation, a wide variety of DFB and CWDM return path transmitters, and choice of frequency diplexer splits.  Each output port can be configured for isolated forward and reverse operation.



  • Flagship Model of the OT “Metro Node” family. Field-Proven, 1000’s deployed worldwide
  • High Performance, High Output, Economical, Low Power Dissipation, Two-Way Capable
  • Advanced GaAs device technology provides Excellent RF Performance to 870MHz or optional 1GHz
  • Quad RF Amplifier Module provides Four (4) +50dBmV high level RF Output Ports
  • Interstage Slope and RF Input/Output controlled via internal Plug-in EQs and Plug-in attenuator Pads
  • Choice of frequency Diplexer splits: 42/54 MHz -or- 65/85 MHz for NTSC, PAL and CENELEC use
  • +50dBmV High RF Output Levels maintained over Wide Optical Input Range: +3dBm to -4dBm
  • Multiple Redundancy and Segmentation Configurations via dual Receiver and/or dual Transmitter Options
  • Choice of FP, DFB and CWDM Return Lasers; High Performance Return Path: >15dB over 41dB NPR
  • Power Factor Corrected Switching Power Supply accepts 40-90VAC; Overvoltage Protection to 140VAC
  • Optional High Sensitivity Receiver (-8dBm to -3dBm)
  • Optional Powering via 5th Dedicated AC Input Port; No Power Inserter Required at the node
  • Optional use of 5th Power Port for Return Path Output/Input
  • Optional NMS-Standard Status Monitoring and Control module
  • Integrated User-Friendly Fiber Management Tray to accommodate optical fiber and splices