February 22, 2018

Satellite Fiber Transport

The SatellitePlus┬« L-Band Optical Transport System is a robust, feature-rich and cost-effective integrated family of products which provides a high performance alternative to coaxial cable for transmission of 10MHz to 4000MHz RF signals. Applications include L-Band satellite antenna remoting, trunking radio, telemetry tracking and time and frequency reference distribution. The extended frequency range of 3-4GHz allows this system to accommodate additional transponders coinciding with common European satellite communication applications. The enhanced bandwidth also facilitates stacked LNB applications to accommodate additional transponders containing enhanced DBS programming services (i.e., HDTV, local channels, etc.) over singlemode fiber for DBS television distribution in campus, fiber-to-the-premise (FTTx) and multiple dwelling unit (MDU) environments. Most L-Band receivers are now available with optional high-sensitivity APD detectors. Compared to PIN detector-based receivers, APD’s typically improve optical sensitivity by 6dB or more. At low light levels, they can boost SNR and gain up to 20dB.