February 22, 2018


Rugged and Highly Reliable Fiber Optic Solutions

Aircraft, ships and military vehicles are increasingly outfitted with more electronic equipment with communication links. Space, weight, and EMI (electromagnetic interference) are becoming even larger challenges which can prevent reliable operation of this electronic equipment when in close proximity and result in interrupted transmission of data over copper wiring. Signals over optical fiber do not generate EMI signals and they are impervious to EMI signals from external sources. With these characteristics, fiber optic solutions can eliminate bulky copper cables which in turn save valuable space and weight.

Olson Technology provides fiber optic solutions that are rugged and robust for military and aerospace applications. They are designed to meet military shock and vibration specifications, and they have wide storage and operating temperature ranges. Our products provide optional internal conformal coating for operation in hazardous environments. The metal housing on the optical transceivers minimizes effects of EMI. Our laser technology is highly reliable with a mean-time-to-failure of less than 10 parts per million and digital diagnostic functions in the transceivers provide early warning of issues with the data link.